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Top 5 things every serious couple should know about each other.

Love relationship of couple, a bond of genuine trust, true feelings and  emotions among two persons. Love gives you inner peace and happiness. And when does relationship become serious?                                                          When you begin sharing your passwords, listen each others playlist and when you proudly accept your love publically on social media. A couple in serious love relationship know about each others choices ,even though I have tried to make out some topmost things that every serious couple should know about each other.

5. Goals.

Every individual has an aim to achieve. Love in relationship enhances one’s hope to achieve his/her goal with support of his/her partner. It’s important to know about your partner’s goal or aim. Support your partner and showcase your respect and love.

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4. Fear.

It’s important aspect to know about your partner. There could be numerous reasons of fear and every reason should be known so that you could support her to overcome those fears. You are the only one who could make him/her to fight with phobias. Being aware of these issues will help both you and your partner strengthen your mental and emotional health.


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3. Stressors.

It’s not a good issue at all but it’s existence can’t be ignored. Relationships are affected if one is stressed. But only relationship is the solution for this. Everyone should know when and why your partner is stressed. Being in stress, we often forget to take care of relationships. One should be mature enough to handle this issue to maintain healthy relationship. Support your partner and share positive views.

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2. Favorites.

It doesn’t matter if you both have different taste of music, books or art. But knowing each others choice matters. You could be good at surprises if you know your partner’s favourite clothing brand or favourite place to travel. Discover your partner’s favourite things and experience new world of possible favourite things for yourself. You and your partner should also know eachothers favourite hobbies and favourite things to make your love bond more strong.

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1. The past story of your lives.

You will forever be learning about each other. But you and your partner should also know your lives past history, whatever it is. You and your partner should know each others good and bad experiences that you had in past lives. Don’t keep any secret within you. It will bring you closer, as well as help you understand each others neuroses, fears, and hopes.

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