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Top 5 best free educational apps of 2018 for Android: Say yes to learn & get these apps installed now!

  • The ways of learning the things have been changed dramatically. Like, education at schools and colleges, which has become more modern and easy. Technology has enhanced and powered the education system and minds of students. Easy and effective ways of learning are hitting the internet everyday.
  • If we discuss about online platforms, specially which are feasible for smartphones, we could find many applications on Google play store. But sometimes you get in dilemma, what to choose? 
  • Quick learning is trending nowadays, so as per this keyword many apps developer are putting their best to introduce you all the best quick learning apps.
  • So, I have searched out some Top and Best Five free educational apps for you. Install these free apps and start learning now. 

1. Amazon Kindle 


Best things about the ‘Amazon Kindle’

  • It has treasure of over 1.5 million books.
  • Read free books, newspapers, magazines etc.
  • Shop for books anytime, including bestsellers and new releases.
  • Use built in dictionary, Google and Wikipedia.
  • Has sample books before you buy.
  • Customize your reading, choose your preferred font size, screen brightness, etc.
  • Synchronisation of E-books.


2. Duolingo

Best things about the ‘Duolingo’ app

  • India’s #1 free language learning app.
  • More than 150 million users are part of it.
  • Helps in learning English, French, Spanish, German and more languages in India, USA, Canada, etc.
  • Learn speaking English and play fun word games to improve your grammar.
  • Very much suitable for adults, children, students and teachers.


3.  Byju’s : The Learning App

Best things about the ‘Byju’s’ app

  • Great video tutorials.
  • Provides easy and simple sloved examples for the complex subjects.
  • Can be synchronised with ‘Parent Connect’ app which helps parents keep track of children’s progress.


4.  Khan Academy app

Best things about the ‘Khan Academy’ app

  • Very much beneficial for students of primary and secondary school.
  • Interactive quizzes with thousands of questions, helpful videos.
  • Helps in learning traditional subjects in depth such as Mathematics, Physics, Economics etc.


5. Udmey app

Best things about the ‘Udmey app’

  • Choose from over 45,000 courses.
  • Focuses on skill based learning.
  • Learn something extra like cooking, public speaking and other stuffs.
  • Watch video examples and video lectures any time.
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