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Make money online: here’s the Top ‘n’ Best 5 ways to make money online.


Today, Here I’m going to introduce some Top n Best 5 options that can enhance your wallet’s “fat”. Obviously, there are so many ways you can find out on internet but as to avoid intricacy I have tried my way to sort it out.

Internet has changed the scenario of possibilities and ideas. You can find appropriate solution of your any kind of problem. There are many businesses and markets are growing up online through websites. Many people are there who search for making money online and it is one of the most searched topic on internet. And internet has many ways  to earn very handsome money by which you can be millionaire. It’s very good opportunity for home based workers who have sufficient time and good knowledge of internet.

If you want to start earning money online you should know what are the ways by which you can earn handsome money. Though you can find out thousands of ways to earn online but only few are worthy to be followed.

Here, I have tried to introduce Top n Best 5 ways by which you can earn handsome money. Make use of your smarthones and laptops, get to work now!


1. Start your own website 

Good at ideas?? Good at writing?? Go for it. It’s one of the most adopted option to earn handsome money. It’s easy to make your own website. Check your domain name availablity and own it. Nothing comes for free, so spend your enough time, work hard and maintain consistency. What are the things actually matter in earning money from website? Catchy content, creative writing and good promotion.

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2. Affiliate marketing

If you already have good presence on social media and huge visitors on your website or even on blog then you can start bringing in money immediately by promoting all sorts of companies, products, services and offers online. Many affiliate marketing options are available on internet. Search that out, get the product link and get bucks in your wallet as a commission.

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3. ‘Get Paid To’ websites

Many companies are there who look for customer’s feedback and suggestions, thus there are some GPT websites available on internet that pay in dollars for completing some surveys and tasks. You have to be very geniune and true while providing any of your information or feedback of any product. Some popular GPT sites are listed below: InboxPounds, clixsense, toluna and swagbucks.

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4. Review music for money

Love listening songs? Here’s the good opportunity for you to listen music and earn money at the same time. Share your opinions and review unsigned bands and artists on slicethepie. This website is very good option for music lovers. Spend time, give your geniune opinion and get paid.

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5. Write and sell an Ebook

Good at typing? Then start earning money by just writing an Ebook. It’s very good source of income but requires lot of effort and hard work. You have to compete with others, thus requires good promotion and variety of digital books. You can sell your ebooks through Amazon’s Kindle program or Apple’s iTunes connect.

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Hope you’ve liked this blog post. For any suggestions, kindly please comment below and share this information with your friends.

Thank you!

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