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Check out Top n Best 5 ways to kill your ‘Monotony’

  1. Life is of love, affection, happiness, sadness, problems and emotions. Ofcourse these all are the flavours that makes life a ‘Beautiful Journey’. But what is the present scenario of lives of people? All have became money making machines. We are controlled by others, lost our wishes and happiness. Thus, we got an evil in our lives i.e  ‘Monotony’. Becoming slave to your own routine is the main cause of it.                                                     So it’s time to overcome this evil. Let’s change our routine and plan something. So, here I have tried to make out some top and best 5 ways to kill monotony. Hope you will like it. Let’s start with number….5

5. Change your eating habits and schedule

Don’t follow clock’s ‘tick-tock’, just have some food, when you are hungry. Have an early lunch, couple of healthy snacks, light dinner and have something that you like the most. Be choosey and enjoy being foodie.

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4. Read and listen something different

Change your music playlist, listen that your friends or your lover likes. Go for different genre of music. Search out something new on internet or purchase some books that you might be planning to read. Read some interesting blogs and inspirational stories of people. Share your own experience and let people comment over that. Be curious to know new things.

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3. Change the time and way to work

It becomes boring when you keep doing same things in a same way again and again. Let’s change our way and timings. If you do some pending office work daliy at night, start doing this at weekends instead. If you are following same old route to office , it’s time to change that too. Go on Google map and fetch some other routes.

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2. Hangout with new people

Hanging out with the same people all the time might lead to social stagnation. So, its better to interact with new people. Make new friends and talk to them. Share your own views and experiences  to them. Talking to different people will open you up to new ideas and new experiences. And most important, never be shy while approach and it’s better if you physically look for new friends instead of using virtual means.

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1. Travel to different places

Give a time to yourself and your family. Explore new and different places and  travel. Life isn’t too long to spend on doing office work only. Travel gives you new experiences and memories. To feel more alive, come out from your office or home and check out how beautiful and awesome the world is.

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If you have some other best options ,you are most welcome. Please share your thoughts here. Thank you !


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